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An Exercise To Improve Your No-Limit Hold'’em

by Ed Miller |  Published: Jun 26, 2013


How do you get fit? You do exercises. Want stronger arms? Pick an exercise that targets your arm muscles and do it repeatedly. How do you get better at poker? You do exercises. Want to play the flop better? Pick an exercise that targets flop play and do it repeatedly. Most poker players do virtually no exercise to improve their games. And most players don’t improve. Just playing isn’t enough. You have to think about what you’re doing, and targeted exercises are most effective. Here is an exercise I’ve used to improve my no-limit hold’em game. This exercise is useful for all no-limit hold’em games, but it’s particularly valuable if you play online 6-max games — like the new online poker 2.0 games in Nevada. What’s Your Flop Range? Let’s say someone open raises from the cutoff for $12 in a $2-$4 game with $200 stacks. You call on the ...

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