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by John Vorhaus |  Published: Dec 12, 2012


There’s an acronym that comes from somewhere — recovery circles, I think — that goes Future Events Appear Real (F.E.A.R). In the real world, it reminds us that certain of our fears are phantom fears and we can dismiss them. In a poker context, it reminds us to use our foes’ fears against them. Let’s see how that works… First, recognize that certain of your foes at certain times feel like they’re cursed. Maybe they’ve had some recent bad beats or maybe they just dwell in negativity. In any event, bad luck has afflicted them and they expect it to strike again; they live, in other words, in F.E.A.R. These foes will give you a predictive tell, a tell which lets you anticipate how they’ll react to the fall of certain cards. If all goes according to plan, your opponents’ own anxieties will win you the pot. What you’re looking ...

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