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Poker, Life and Other Confusing Things

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Dec 12, 2012


That’s the title of a new book by my friend and fellow psychologist, Professor Arthur Reber. Whenever I have a psychological question, he’s my “go-to-guy.” He almost always has the right answer. You’ll love his novel way of looking at poker and life. They both often confuse me. He looks at poker through the eyes of a psychologist, and psychology through the eyes of a poker player. That combination produced a book that will improve your play and help you to understand many poker and non-poker subjects, while providing a few hours of enjoyable reading. Enjoyment is rare for most instructional books, especially ones by psychologists. The words are too obscure, the sentences are too long, and too many psychologists’ books are just plain boring. Despite being a distinguished professor, with a long list of research publications, he is never boring. His writing often reminds me of another one of ...

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