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Structure and Location (Florida Poker: 2012)

by Adam Schoenfeld |  Published: Dec 12, 2012


After the devastating events of poker’s Black Friday, and the subsequent horrors of the following months, many poker players have had to face stark questions about their chosen livelihood. I am no exception to this. Immediately after Full Tilt and PokerStars were not so politely evicted from the United States, I planned to move overseas and continue playing full time as a sponsored pro on Tilt. I secured a one year visa to do just that in Thailand. Then, complications set in. Full Tilt lost its license, was unable to sustain operations in the rest of the world, and eventually became defunct. My plan was shot. Without sponsorship, I wasn’t so sure I wanted to leave home and become a poker exile. Sponsorship guaranteed an income stream that didn’t depend upon the vicissitudes of poker variance. The last thing I could tolerate was living far from home, away from all ...

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