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When the Board Is Paired

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Dec 12, 2012


Polarization: The basic idea of polarization is that there are certain situations in which a player must have a very strong hand or a very weak hand. For example, you bet and your opponent raises on the river. Presumably he would call with most intermediate hands. Therefore he is polarized. He either has a monster, probably the nuts, or a total bluff. Say the board includes three of a suit with no pair — Q 10 3 2 7, and you have a nine-high flush with 9 8. (Technically you have a Q-high flush, but in reality you will beat him unless he has a flush with one card higher than a nine.) You bet and your opponent raises. He almost certainly has the A. If he has another heart to go with it, he has the nuts. If he doesn’t have a second heart, then he is bluffing, and ...

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