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The Most Overused Expressions in Poker

by Michael Wiesenberg |  Published: Nov 14, 2012


“One time” In one of the 24 broadcasts of the World Series of Poker main event, prominent participants were asked what the most overused expression in poker is. To a man — and to a woman — all said, “One time.” Emphasizing that point, a number of all-in confrontations were covered, and in almost all of them the player needing help said those overused words. Typical was, “A diamond, dealer, one time.” The expression was given a spurious role as something due every player as long as the player uses it only once. When one prominent player was all in needing a two-outer on the river, she said, seemingly in all seriousness, “I guess I shouldn’t have used my one time before when I needed that diamond.” She seemed to be implying that her heaven-sent wish would have been granted had she not already used it up. I don’t know ...

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