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One Fourth Your Stack Raise at Pot-Limit

by Michael Cappelletti |  Published: Nov 14, 2012


While attending the week-long Regional Bridge Championship at the PGA National in Palm Beach, Florida, many of the bridge players frequented the nearby Kennel Club Casino (at the dog track). In addition to many tables of hold’em, they also had a $500 buy-in mixed game alternating one round of hold’em and one round of pot-limit Omaha with $5-$10 blinds. The Omaha half was quite loose. There were three players who seemed to play every hand and most of the Omaha pots were raised to $20 or $25 before the flop. I had bought in for the minimum $500, but I noted that there were several players with several thousand dollar stacks. One advantage of playing a small stack is that you are more willing to gamble your whole stack in a high percentage situation. If you get unlucky and lose your small stack, you can afford to buy in again. ...

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