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Head Games -- Maximizing Value

Maximizing Value From the Fish In Mid-Stakes Cash Games

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Nov 14, 2012


The Pros: Ed Miller, Marie-Lizette Acoba, and Jon Tannen Craig Tapscott: Once you have identified the fish at the table, what are a few scenarios that you can take advantage of preflop to maximize value? Ed Miller: Fish make plenty of preflop mistakes, but preflop mistakes are for small money compared to the huge money mistakes fish make later in hands. Preflop my three main goals against a fish: 1. See as many flops with the fish as the other players will let me get away with 2. Set up situations where the fish will behave in predictably bad ways 3. Optimize postflop stack-to-pot ratios. I know that most fish make huge calling errors post flop. If the stacks are relatively deep, you can play lottery ticket hands like J 4 and 6 5 because you know the remote chance you stack your opponent in a ridiculous situation will more ...

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