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How To Improve Your Game

by Bob Ciaffone |  Published: Nov 14, 2012


Would you like to get better at something? Poker? No-limit hold’em? Anything? In my opinion, the formula for all these things is the same. First, you learn the main principles that you are supposed to follow. Second, you observe how these principles apply to concrete situations. Without this second ingredient, a form of on-the-job training, the words used to express the principles will form too fuzzy an image for you to be properly oriented. I have a lot of questions and answers on selecting your bet size in my new book No-Limit Hold’em Poker. This is a subject with both general theory and concrete answers. When you have a hand that is the nuts, or so strong you are not going to back off in the betting, you need to aim at doubling through the opponent’s whole stack. That is what no-limit hold’em is all about. My favorite question and ...

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