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Bryan ‘Sailor’ Roberts and Eric Drache Inducted Into Poker Hall of Fame

by Card Player News Team |  Published: Nov 14, 2012


Poker is a game known for its accessibility. Beginners need not meet any certain skill level criteria to play with the top players in the world. Anyone with the cash and the stones to sit down at the table is more than welcome. However, not all aspects of the poker world are as inviting. Take for example, the Poker Hall of Fame. Established in 1979, only 44 people have met the strict standards established for entry. In order to receive a nomination, a candidate must be at least 40 years old, played poker against top competition, played for high stakes, played well enough to earn the respect of their peers while standing the test of time. Non-players, or industry leaders, must have contributed to the overall growth of the game, with indelible positive and lasting results. Seven poker legends, including Johnny Moss, Edmond Hoyle and “Wild Bill” Hickock were inducted ...

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