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Playing an Extremely Short Stack – Part 5

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Sep 19, 2012


This column continues a series of columns on playing an extremely short stack in tournaments. One of the most important skills a tournament player can develop is the ability to make the correct decisions with and against extremely short stacks. The reason this skill is important for tournament players, and relatively unimportant for cash game players, is because short stack situations occur very frequently in the crucial stages of tournaments, starting just before the money and continuing to the end of the final table. Thus they have a huge impact on your tournament results. Note that these are really two skills. Playing with a short stack and playing against a short stack. In this column, I will address the latter. This also can be broken into several situations. A short stacked opponent goes all-in. Everyone folds up to you. You have to decide if it is right to fold, call ...

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