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Poker Tournament Payout Changes Needed ASAP!

by Jonathan Green |  Published: Sep 19, 2012


Just getting started on this article was tough, as the message is not one everyone in the poker community will embrace in the short run. In fact, many top tournament players will read this article and immediately dismiss the idea as being too conservative, or perhaps overreaching. I’m talking about poker tournament payouts and how they are currently handled by the majority of casinos and tournament directors. The standard is to pay out ten percent of the field, leaving the other ninety percent to head home empty handed with their collective tails between their legs. What I would propose as an alternative is simple, and will keep more players in action for the long term best interest of the poker and greater gambling communities. Let’s try paying out twenty percent of the field as the new normal, the new standard if you will. The reasons are clear, yet seem to ...

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