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No-Limit Hold’em Starting Hand Selection Concepts

by Bob Ciaffone |  Published: Sep 19, 2012


Your starting hand choices have a lot to do with your poker results. Entering the pot from a firm foundation will give you the kind of armor and firepower that you need for each combat situation. Let’s discuss some of the concepts that affect whether to call, raise, or fold in various situations. (1) What are the conditions of contest? The amount of pressure there is there to get involved in a pot varies with the setting of the game. In a cash game, there is little reason to leap into combat. For those of us that prefer to have a deep stack and keep it replenished when we lose a big chunk, the amount of the blinds is almost insignificant compared to the pot size and possible payoffs. Although the game is more fun when you play a lot of hands, it is more profitable when on the average ...

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