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Underestimating Your Opponents – Part II

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Sep 19, 2012


My last column said online players (OLP) and brick & mortar players (BMP) underestimated each other. Shortly after Black Friday I asked, “When they switch to live games, will OLP become predators or prey?” I got four extremely different answers: OLP are so superior that they will become predators. OLP are so inferior that they will become prey. OLP vary so much that they will become both. OLP are generally superior, but need a transition strategy. This column will report and analyze their answers. 1. OLP Are So Superior That They Will Become Predators. DeltaChaos wrote: “My experience (as a dealer) and my observation of how these games play out tells me that online players should absolutely crush the live cash, especially in games that have no cap to the buy in…” “M” said: “Most online pros will have no trouble in any games … a player losing less than ...

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