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Sizing Up the Opposition

Sizing Up the Opposition

by Ed Miller |  Published: Aug 24, 2011


Sizing up the opposition is a fundamental poker skill. If you want to make good decisions, you have to watch your opponents play and try to figure out what they are doing. The problem is that so few hands go to showdown, so you rarely get the opportunity to see your opponents’ cards. Even more frustrating, when you do see cards, you often won’t learn much, since most hands shown down are either big hands that were bet all the way or weak hands that were checked all the way. Most people play big hands hard and small hands soft, so the information isn’t that helpful. You have to derive information from the hands that didn’t get shown down. You do this by observing the frequency with which someone takes a certain action. If you see a player play 20 hands in three orbits, you know he’s loose. If you ...

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