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Dances with Pirates

by John Vorhaus |  Published: Aug 24, 2011


I was delighted to find myself back in Amsterdam recently. It’s one of my personal favorite places in the whole wide world — and no, not for that reason, or that other reason, either. I love it for the poker, specifically as played at the Holland Casino on Max Euweplein, not at all far from places where you can get involved in that reason, or that other reason, or both. The poker room is not beautiful. It’s stuck in a corner of the basement with about 20 tables jammed in under a low ceiling, and though a renovation of some sort seems to be in progress, from where I sit (sat), it’s way overdue. Still, I love to play there because the Dutch are such fierce and interesting players. Some are among the canniest, toughest, most fearless players I’ve ever met. They have an elan all their own, as made ...

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