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Freeroll Tournaments: Conclusion

by Bob Ciaffone |  Published: Aug 24, 2011


This is our final article on Las Vegas-type freeroll tournaments. These events have very fast intervals between raising the blinds and are mostly populated by small-stakes players. Most of the contestants are not playing to make money, they are playing to socialize with other players, get free drinks, win a bad-beat jackpot, and so on. They are just looking for a good time. They don’t relate to what is published about poker; they play mainly for entertainment. Although your opponents in a freeroll event will be casual players, their styles may be poles apart. Since you are going to play aggressively, you need to size up opposing players as quickly as possible. Here are some ideas on reading freeroll opponents. The classifications we use are taken from Dr. Alan Schoonmaker’s The Psychology of Poker. His categories are loose-passive, tight-passive, tight-aggressive, and loose-aggressive. Loose-Passive Players: These players make up the bulk ...

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