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The Problem With All-In EV (All-In Luck)

by Jeff Hwang |  Published: Aug 24, 2011


Summary: 1) It’s not EV, and 2) Unless you only play heads up, the stat doesn’t work — no matter what software you use. Due to popular demand from online poker players, Hold’em Manager and PokerTracker 3 both include versions of a controversial and poorly understood statistic in their poker-tracking software called “All-In EV.” The idea behind this stat is to enable the user to determine whether he is running above, below, or around expectation. There are a couple of problems with the All-In EV stat in either form: It’s not EV. It should be obvious given some thought, but EV by definition is forward-looking. EV stands for expected value, and as such is a forward-looking concept. The All-In EV stat, on the other hand, is results oriented, adjusting results based on actual hands shown. (Technically speaking, the term “results-adjusted win” would be more accurate!) Consequently, my sources tell me ...

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