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Freeroll Tournaments — Part IV

Freeroll Tournaments — Part IV

by Bob Ciaffone |  Published: Jul 27, 2011


This is the fourth of our articles on Las Vegas-type freeroll tournaments. These events have very fast intervals between raising the blinds, and they are normally played without an ante to supplement the blinds. Jim Brier, Bob Ciaffone’s co-author of Middle Limit Holdem Poker, is a regular player in these events. This article will discuss flop play. Blinds rise so quickly in freeroll events that after a short time, the last two betting rounds practically cease to exist. The betting nearly always occurs preflop and on the flop. There is a saying among Vegas limit hold’em cash-game players: “Trying to make big laydowns on the river is not the way to make money in limit hold’em.” A similar statement can be said about freeroll tournaments on the flop. You will often have a large portion of your stack already in the pot, and you are facing only one opponent. If ...

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