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Switching from Online to Live Poker

Will You Go On Tilt? Part II

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Jul 27, 2011


Part I of this series began by saying that most people believe they won’t go on tilt, but that they probably overestimate their self-control. You may never crazily throw away chips, but you will probably go on tilt as I defined it. “Tilt” means making mistakes that you wouldn’t normally make, for emotional reasons. You’ll probably make emotionally driven mistakes live compared to online, because live games have many frustrations that you don’t know how to handle: 1. Much slower games 2. Players’ mistakes that can’t occur online 3. Dealers’ mistakes that can’t occur online 4. Much higher costs 5. Inability to play your preferred game 6. Noise and other distractions 7. Excessive socializing 8. Pressure to control your body language 9. Pressure to read opponents’ body language 10. Pressure to get information you were given online 11. Much higher stakes 12. Much larger swings 13. Much looser games 14. ...

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