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Thinking a Move Ahead

Thinking a Move Ahead

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Jul 27, 2011


Taking into account how a hand will play on a following street(s) and correctly adjusting your strategy adds significant value to the hand. To exploit this concept, you need to read how the hand will likely play and apply the correct concepts. Sound easy? It can get mighty complicated. It was World Series of Poker time in Las Vegas, Bellagio was humming, and I was looking to get a piece of the action. Playing in my $40-$80 limit hold’em game was a varying mix of player textures, some very good players, some loose-passive players, and some weak-tight ones. A new player posted the blind in front of the button, three players called, and the player in the small blind, a tight preflop raiser, raised the field. I looked down at A K in the big blind. A-K offsuit loses value with a large field. Not only is the mix of ...

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