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Ahead on the Turn — Part I

Ahead on the Turn — Part I

by Barry Tanenbaum |  Published: Jul 27, 2011


This should be a pleasant column. In all of the examples, you are way ahead of your lone opponent in limit hold’em, have position, and he bets (or raises) into you. Your only “problem” is deciding whether to raise now or wait for the river. All things being equal, it is better to raise on the river. You get him to put at least two big bets in (the turn and river), and with your river raise, he has only one more bet to call. Also, of course, the pot is a bit bigger if you raise the river instead of the turn, giving him more inducement to call. Finally, if the opponent happens to be bluffing, raising the turn will cause him to give up before he optimistically bets the river, costing you a bet. All things are seldom equal, however, and you need to analyze the specific situation ...

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