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Playing a Mixed Bag

An Omaha high-low hand

by Michael Cappelletti |  Published: Mar 04, 2011


During the October 2010 world championship bridge tournament in Philadelphia, a large number of bridge players frequented the Atlantic City casinos, which are less than an hour away by car. I spent most of my time in Atlantic City playing $5-$10 Omaha high-low with a “full kill” (the limit doubles when the previous pot was scooped). As the big blind ($5) in a kill pot, I picked up the 8♥ 4♥ 8♦ 2♦. There were three callers in front of me. I crawled in for the extra $5 kill. The flop came Q♥ 5♠ 3♥, which gave me an open-end straight draw, a low flush draw, and a third-nut low draw — not great, but a hand that just might win in either direction. Since I now probably belonged in this pot, I made a probative $10 bet to see who else wanted to play. Another possible benefit of grabbing ...

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