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Head Games - Key Ingredients for Taking Your Heads-Up Cash Game to the Next Level and Beyond

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Mar 04, 2011


Craig Tapscott: What are the key elements that make up a great no-limit hold’em heads-up cash-game player? Aaron Jones: The first element is fundamentals. Having good fundamentals will help frame each street and make your decisions easier. The second component is instinct. Some of the best no-limit players lack fundamentals but have gotten by with having a killer feel for the game. They are able to constantly be one step ahead of their opponents, and are great at making seemingly whimsical decisions. Finally, it’s important not to get emotional. Heads-up matches are swingy; they’re full of coolers, suck-outs, and tough decisions. In order to play your best, you have to keep your head clear to make the best decisions. Spotting your opponents’ weaknesses and exploiting them will be crucial to your success. Perhaps even more important, though, will be spotting an opponent’s strengths and avoiding them. If someone is really ...

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