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Mind Over Poker - An Orbit Late and a Chip Short

by David Apostolico |  Published: Mar 04, 2011


If you’re a tournament player, take a moment right now to think back on your last few eliminations. How many times were you blinded down to the point of no return? When you finally did push your chips into the middle, was it an easy call for your opponent? If you have been blinded down, reflect on how it happened. What was your thought process? Were you waiting for premium cards? Were you waiting to be able to open-push from the button? Were you waiting for the right situation, whatever that may be? The point of this column is that too often, players wait for that magical moment, and it never comes. At that point, a player will find himself down to a few blinds, with no choice other than to move in with a mediocre hand that is guaranteed to be called or literally post his remaining chips in ...

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