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Hand 2 Hand Combat - Team PokerStars Pro Maria Eduarda Mayrinck Reviews Sticky Situations When Holding A-Q in Past Events

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Mar 04, 2011


Hand No. 1 Event: PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker no-limit hold’em event Buy-in: $1,000 Players in the Event: 3,467 First Place: $468,045 Craig Tapscott: So, why do you think A-Q can be a frustrating hand? Maria “Maridu” Eduarda Mayrinck: It’s a hand that seems to be a migraine headache to many people (including myself). We play it so differently than A-K when we’re in some spots. Maridu raises from the cutoff to 29,999 with the A♥ Q♠. The villain calls from the button. CT: What do you think he’s up to with this positional call? MM: His flat-call here makes his range so wide that I can place him on such hands as A-X suited, any Broadway cards, any pocket pair, most suited connectors higher than 7-6, any number of suited one-gappers, and maybe even A-9 offsuit. I think that due to our stack sizes and previous history, he ...

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