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Violating a Rule

When the situation calls for it

by Barry Tanenbaum |  Published: Mar 04, 2011


Although poker is known to be a game of repeated “it depends” decisions, I do have a bunch of rules. They are my own rules for limit hold’em cash games, and I tend to follow them pretty much to the letter. An example of one rule is: Never slow-play pocket aces before the flop. If I see aces, I raise, and keep raising until either the cap or my stack tells me to stop. I do not worry that opponents will figure out what I have, as I tend to take care of that by occasionally raising aggressively with lesser hands. Another rule is: Always play small sets fast. I realize that many players like to trap, and wait for the turn to raise when they flop a small set. I just get in there and start betting and raising right away. OK, I have several of these rules. Recently, ...

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