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Four Tips for Playing Preflop

Aggressive preflop play pays

by Ed Miller |  Published: Mar 04, 2011


If you’ve read my “Four Tips” columns for playing the river, turn, and flop, you may have noticed a pattern. Most of my tips involve betting or raising. That’s because aggressive play gets the money. This is ostensibly common knowledge. If you ask some randomly chosen small-stakes no-limit hold’em players for strategy advice, you’re guaranteed to be told that you should be aggressive. But something gets lost in translation between their “be aggressive” advice and how these same players actually play when they are at the table. Most small-stakes players are way, way too passive. My goal in this series has been to show you some common situations in which average players often miss the opportunity to be aggressive. Aggressive preflop play pays. Here are four tips to make your preflop game tougher. Tip No. 1: Don’t limp in without being willing to sometimes limp-reraise as a bluff. Small-stakes no-limit ...

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