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How to Begin a Session — Epilogue

Know the rules: Part II

by Barry Tanenbaum |  Published: Feb 01, 2011


In my last column, I started a new thought regarding beginning a session. Specifically, if you visit a new cardroom, you need to understand the rules. Never assume that the rules you are used to playing with are the ones that the new place uses. The column then listed some of the more important issues and rules to understand: • What is a bet? • How many raises are allowed? • Posting rules • Seat/table changes • Does money stay in the pot? • Any special promotions? I discussed the first two points in depth. I will now conclude this series by looking at the remainder of these topics. Posting rules: This is fairly straightforward. Are you required to post to get a hand? If so, what are your options? Can you wait for the big blind to pass without penalty, or will that require you to post an extra ...

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