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Happy New (Poker) Year!

Resolutions, resolutions

by Matt Matros |  Published: Feb 01, 2011


I’m a young guy — young enough to use Facebook regularly, to tweet (@jacksup) chip-count updates, and to (sometimes) get carded when I go to bars. But in poker terms, I’m positively ancient. I’ve played this game professionally for six years, semiprofessionally for two, as a serious amateur for four, and as a clueless young gambler for seven. One thing I’ve learned during this time is that it’s easy not to see the big picture. Poker doesn’t always pay out on a weekly basis, so it’s important psychologically to sometimes take a step back to reinforce the good memories and reaffirm your decision to invest time and money in playing this crazy game. A few years ago, I started to help myself in this way by writing an annual column in which I look back at my previous year in poker and then set goals for the next year. This ...

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