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Generation Next: Calvin Anderson Trains to Win

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Feb 01, 2011


The game has changed. It’s tough to win tournaments these days. It’s even tougher to make a living playing poker. There’s a wealth of strategic information available on the Internet, so as the donkeys get smarter, a skilled player’s edge drops dramatically. So, rising online-tournament star Calvin Anderson started to look for a different kind of edge. He discovered that a commitment to working out at the gym and eating healthy foods improved not only his body and mind, but also his poker game and win rate. “Poker is a lot about belief in yourself and confidence,” said Anderson. “When I started living a healthy lifestyle, it made me feel really good. By being in good shape, I don’t have to rely on anything during a session to stay strong and have energy, like Red Bull or coffee. And my mind and emotions stay calmer, so I don’t get frustrated ...

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