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Four Tips for Playing the Turn

Take advantage of people’s mistakes

by Ed Miller |  Published: Feb 01, 2011


The turn is often the betting round in a no-limit hold’em hand where the first big bets come out. Flop bets are usually small enough that you can call with a speculative holding and a wait-and-see strategy. On the turn, unless people are making undersized bets, playing to wait and see is too expensive. Not only are turn-bet sizes fairly big, they actually play even bigger due to a principle called leverage. Calling a turn bet doesn’t get you to showdown. It just gets you to the river, where you may have to pay off an even larger bet to see the showdown. For instance, if someone bets $150 on the turn out of a $500 stack, he’s implicitly saying to you, “It’s $150 now, and on the river it might be another $350.” This possibility makes turn bets play bigger than their nominal size. In practice, however, many players ...

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