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Generation Next - Chris Hunichen Finds Balance the Hard Way

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Nov 26, 2010


Nobody in Chris Hunichen’s life wanted him to pursue poker as a profession. It’s not hard to see why. He had graduated from East Carolina University and had recently completed a master’s degree in business management. The next logical step would be forging ahead with a solid career in the corporate world. Other options were to perhaps start a business and follow in the footsteps of his entrepreneurial parents. Yet, none of these life paths made Hunichen’s heart beat faster, at least in the way that tournament poker had during those late nights in the college dorm. “My whole family wanted me to go into the business world,” said Hunichen. “Nobody wanted me to play poker. Even my girlfriend’s parents hated poker with a passion. At the end of my time at college, I was playing 100 hours a week. I was doing it because I felt like I was ...

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