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Be Careful What You Ask For

Just make the best decision that you can at the moment

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Nov 26, 2010


Poker decisions are risk-versus-reward evaluations. That’s why it’s called gambling. If you bet, you risk being called or raised by a superior hand, and your reward is your bet’s equity. If you check, you risk giving an inferior hand a free card, and your reward may be saving a bet. If you check with the intention of check-raising, you assume the risk that one of your opponents may not bet, which will cost you at least one bet and may cost you the whole pot, and your reward might be protecting the pot or acquiring an extra bet(s). Accurately defining your risk is tricky, because you are almost never sure of what your opponents are holding or what they will do. For even the best players, it is an educated guess. At Bellagio, I had just posted the big blind in a wide open $30-$60 limit hold’em game and was ...

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