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Stages of a TAG — Part IV

Now a tough competitor in most games

by Ed Miller |  Published: Nov 26, 2010


This series of columns describes a model for player development that I call “Stages of a TAG.” I think most players go through a series of stages or realizations about no-limit hold’em as they improve their games from rank beginners to decent tight-aggressive (TAG) players and beyond. In total, I have identified 25 stages that I think most players go through, roughly in order, as they improve. This column begins with Stage 16. Stage 16: Double-barreling can be quite effective, and sometimes I should resort to firing three barrels. Stage 7 players learned to make continuation-bets and sometimes follow up those bets with turn barrels. After raising preflop, a flop continuation-bet will frequently win the pot. And even if you get called, sometimes a stiff turn bet will succeed. But before Stage 16, players typically give up if their turn barrel gets called. They figure that a player needs a ...

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