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Head Games - Three-Betting 101 and Beyond in Medium-Stakes Cash Games

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Nov 26, 2010


The Pros: Randy Lew, Alex Fitzgerald, and Greg Kaplan Craig Tapscott: In six-max medium-stakes no-limit hold’em cash games, share a few of the reasons why you three-bet opponents when you have position preflop. Randy Lew: Three-betting value hands like K-Q, A-J, 9-9, and so on is best against players who call with almost any two cards in their range. They’ll often play dominated hands, and you can pick up three streets of value or continuation-bet and take down the pot when they check-fold their wide range on the flop. Three-betting a polarized range (A-A, Q-Q, 9-5 suited, J-5 suited, and so on) is best against tight and positionally aware players who don’t call three-bets out of position. They’ll constantly fold to your three-bets and never call, so the absolute value of your hand doesn’t matter. Alex Fitzgerald: Many people three-bet automatically without defining the purpose of their three-bet. Let’s say ...

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