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Look Out: Andrew Frankenberger

Look Out: Andrew Frankenberger

by Card Player News Team |  Published: Oct 15, 2010


Andrew Frankenberger is a former derivatives trader who lives in New York City. Since the financial collapse, he has begun trading independently and focusing more and more on one of his hobbies. He said, “I still trade on my own, so poker is just a hobby for me, but I take it pretty seriously. A lot of traders in New York play cash games in the city.” Frankenberger has played in live cash games for six years now, but it was just two years ago when he got his first taste of big-time tournament poker. A broker in New York put together a tournament for 100 people in which everyone chipped in $100 and the winner went to the World Series of Poker main event. Frankenberger won the seat, took his stake, and caught a flight to Vegas to play in the main event. “I had the time of my ...

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