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Combining Values

Blend expectations to determine your best play

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Oct 15, 2010


When analyzing a poker situation, decide which poker concepts apply and then blend their expectations to determine your best play. Consider all plausible scenarios to come up with a fairly accurate approximation of your total expectation. By constantly thinking in these terms, you’ll expand your ability to read how hands will play out and will have a more accurate assessment of various plays’ values. You then will be able to create positive-expectation plays that many of your opponents will not even comprehend. In addition, the confusion that you create in your opponents’ minds will increase your future action. It was late on a Saturday night, and I was stuck to the gills in a loose $30-$60 limit hold’em game at Bellagio. I had been card-dead preflop most of the night and had played few hands, missing the flop in most of the hands that I did play. In short, I ...

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