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Fold Pocket Kings Online?

Get it all in with pocket kings, baby!

by Phil Hellmuth |  Published: Oct 15, 2010


I recently hosted the championship event in a series of 18 online poker tournaments called UBOC 5 (UltimateBet Online Championships) at The championship event was a $1,000 buy-in tournament with a $1 million-guaranteed prize pool, and the players started with 10,000 in chips. Relatively early in the tournament, with the blinds at 40-80, I picked up K-K in first position and opted to smooth-call 80. One other player called, and then the player in the big blind, seated directly on my right, raised it to 260 to go. I reraised to 660 to go — letting the cat out of the bag. The other player folded, and the player in the big blind hit it again, making it 2,020 to go. I then reraised it to 3,480 to go, and my opponent moved all in for his entire 12,400. I had started the hand with 9,360, and I immediately ...

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