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Head Games - A Few Key Elements of Preflop and Flop Play in Pot-Limit Omaha

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Oct 15, 2010


The Pros: Brandon Adams, Andreas Torbergsen, and Tri Nguyen Craig Tapscott: What’s the optimal preflop strategy for playing big pairs such as A-A-X-X or K-K-X-X? Brandon Adams: With A-A-X-X, if you can get 60 percent of your stack in preflop, you should reraise, regardless of the situation. With weak A-A-X-X hands (stuff like A-A-7-3, no suits), you should tend toward just calling if you can’t get a high percentage of your stack in preflop. If someone three-bets behind you, of course you can get it in. Strong A-A-X-X hands should be three-bet the vast majority of the time. That said, you should be three-betting A-A-X-X only if you are also sometimes three-betting your premium non-aces hands (stuff like J-10-9-8 double-suited and Q-Q-J-J double-suited). For both A-A-X-X and K-K-X-X, suits increase the value of your hand dramatically. A-A-X-X double-suited plays infinitely better than A-A-X-X with no suits, even more so than ...

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