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Can You Lay Down Your Hand?

Apply poker logic

by Barry Tanenbaum |  Published: Oct 01, 2010


I was watching a student play $3-$6 limit hold’em online at Full Tilt when he picked up pocket aces on the button. Everyone folded to him, and he raised. This can be an excellent situation for this hand, because almost everyone has a wide range of raising hands here, and rarely do the players in the blinds even consider that they may be up against such a powerhouse. Only the big blind called. The flop of 9 5 2 looked perfect to my student, and he wasn’t worried even when the big blind check-raised his bet. He considered his options, and decided to go for a raise on the turn, so he called the check-raise. The 3 on the turn looked even safer, and, indeed, he raised when the big blind bet. His opponent called. The river was the 7, making the board 9-5-2-3-7. My student bet, and immediately was ...

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