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Thinking Like a Short-Stacker

Turn small stacks into big wins

by Ed Miller |  Published: Oct 01, 2010


One of the most controversial things I’ve ever written about poker was in the no-limit hold’em section of my book Getting Started in Hold’em. In that section, I outlined a strategy in which you would buy in for just 20 big blinds — for example, $100 in a $2-$5 game. The strategy had you wait for big pairs and big-card hands (exactly how big depended on your position relative to the button), and then push them very hard with raises preflop and all-in bets on the flop. It was an extremely simple strategy, and in the book, I claimed that even a beginner could show a profit in most hold’em games. The book was written in 2005, and in the intervening five years, no-limit hold’em has changed dramatically. Players today are much more sophisticated than they were then. To show a profit, my strategy relies on your opponents being willing ...

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