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Why Do Kids Dominate the World Series of Poker Championship?

There are at least four reasons

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Oct 01, 2010


The facts are painfully clear. The average age of this year’s “November Nine” is 26, and the last two champions were even younger. Peter Eastgate was 22, and Joe Cada was 21. The old-timers naturally resent being displaced as “kings of the hill,” but similar takeovers occur frequently in many places. They are most understandable in sports, because young people are stronger and faster, but they also happen in competitions such as investing, business, and war. In addition to resenting the kids’ success, the old-timers are confused by it. It used to take many years to become a top player. How did these kids become so good so quickly? There are at least four reasons. Kids naturally have three advantages: fearlessness, endurance, and flexibility. And unusual circumstances have created a fourth advantage that kids rarely have — more and better experience than most older players. Fearlessness We all know that ...

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