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To Show or Not to Show

Using the tool of misinformation

by John Vorhaus |  Published: Oct 01, 2010


In one of my many other lives (novelist, creative consultant, public speaker, reformed mime), I’m a teacher of writers, and one of the most important things I teach them is to question hidden assumptions. These assumptions — untested givens like, “My writing sucks,” and, “They won’t like me” — are the scourge of a writer’s existence. Untested assumptions can wreak havoc on a poker player, as well, especially those assumptions that start out as insights into what is or is not correct poker play, but eventually harden into habit, or even downright taboos. I have recently discovered one such taboo in my own play, and have been working hard to crack it out of its concrete case. The taboo? Showing cards to online foes. It used to be my policy never, ever to reveal my cards after showdown. Lately, I’ve been wondering if that policy is useful, and I’ve been ...

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