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Both the game and your skill level relative to it

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Sep 17, 2010


There are some old gambling stories that are not only amusing, but also contain a kernel of important information. Here are two: 1. Someone once asked Johnny Crawford, one of the best money bridge players of his era, what he would do with a certain hand. (In money bridge, each player has a partner and two opponents. Periodically, they rotate, so a player’s new partner is one of his former opponents.) He asked, “Who is my partner?” His questioner said, “Who cares? Let’s say it’s another Johnny Crawford.” He asked, “Then, who are my opponents?” He was told, “Two more Johnny Crawfords.” He instantly responded, “I wouldn’t play in that game, it’s too tough!” 2. The first time that someone described Eric Drache to me, he said, “He is the ninth-best stud player in the world. Unfortunately, he likes to play with the other eight.” Notice any similarity in these ...

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