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The Main Event Never Disappoints

Indeed, a unique poker experience

by Matt Matros |  Published: Sep 17, 2010


Every year, I tell myself that the main event of the World Series of Poker is just another tournament. Every year, I remind myself that we’re playing the same game we play during the rest of the year, and that despite the fanfare and enormous media presence, the main event is simply another day (or, with luck, several days) at the office. Every year, I’m wrong. Whenever I sit down to play the main event, I never fail to see a one-of-a-kind hand, or play against an unknown face who turns out to be an excellent player, or get put to far more difficult decisions than in any other event. Year 2010 was no exception. I got to witness the annual wild hand early on — in level one, in fact. With blinds of 50-100, a player in early position opened for 300, and the player to his left quickly ...

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