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by Card Player News Team |  Published: Sep 17, 2010


Heads Up With Jason Mercier With more than $5 million in tournament winnings, poker pro Jason Mercier has made quite a name for himself on the tournament circuit. Mercier also plays in a lot of the cash games; here, he provides an overview of two new poker games that are gaining in popularity. Card Player TV: Can you explain a little bit about the variations of badugi — badeucey and badacey? Jason Mercier: Well, badeucey is a triple-draw, split-pot game, with half going to the best badugi hand and half going to the best deuce-to-seven lowball hand. So, a very good hand is 2-3-4-5-7, with 2-3-4-5 of different suits. CPTV: But, obviously, that hand doesn’t come very often, so what are the more realistic hands? JM: You want to play deuce-to-seven types of hands; a good starting hand, for example, is 2-3-4 of different suits. If nobody has a badugi ...

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