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Generation Next --- Kevin Eyster

Kevin Eyster is One Sick Dude

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Sep 17, 2010


Kevin Eyster was sick of coming close to making final table after final table as he climbed up the medium-stakes tournament ladder. Low-stakes tournaments had been a breeze, as he had made final tables every other day. Could it be just variance, running bad, or a leak in his game? After close examination, he determined that he cared way too much about the money. So, he stopped looking at the payouts and the leader board while playing. Money was no longer the issue; the focus was solely on winning. “One of the main keys that improved my game was learning to devalue money completely,” said Eyster. “Once I stopped thinking about the numbers at stake and just tried to win every tournament that I entered, things changed. I even stopped looking at the payouts until the event was over. That approach worked for me.” For the most part, Eyster (aka ...

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