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Don’t Just Bet!

by Andrew Arnott |  Published: Sep 17, 2010


Game $100 buy-in, 50¢-$1 six-handed no-limit hold’em game Opponent Weak player Stacks Mine: $103.50; His: $91.50 My Cards A 9 My Position Small blind If you want to be a big winner in poker, it’s important to get maximum value from your strong hands. That’s why we generally make strong bets when we have the strongest hands in our range; we want to win big pots! But just like every other poker play, we need to make sure that we’re not just betting blindly because we like the look of our hand. It’s always worth the effort to slow down and think about how we can extract the most value from each situation, even if that means deviating from what might look like the “standard” decision. I think this concept is well-represented in the following hand: We’re dealt the A 9 in the small blind. In a 50¢-$1 no-limit hold’em ...

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