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“Where are my cards?”

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Aug 20, 2010


If you watch movies about the mob, you are familiar with the protection racket. It is a form of extortion in which the victim pays money to a person who provides protection from physical or property damage. It sounds a little like insurance, but there is a catch. If you don’t pay, the person offering protection actually causes the damage. When you play poker, you also need protection, but in this case, you have to protect your cards, your chips, and yourself. In theory, the dealer protects you, but just like the mob, he is often the one you need to protect against. Let’s take a common situation. You are sitting in the seat next to the dealer, on his right. You have aces, and raise. Someone else reraises. You move all in, and he calls. You reach down to turn up your hand, but there are no cards in ...

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